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Specialty Lift Systems

Wine Barrel 8265
Wine Barrel 8290
Wine Barrel Right Side 8252
Wine Barrel Close Up Left 8297
Kayley and Sheri Wine Barrel
Wine Barrel 8296
Wine Barrel 8307
Sheri and Wine Barrel
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Wine Barrel Open3
Wine Barrel Open2
Wine Barrel Closed


Our Automated Hidden Bar

Make a statement with our automated Wine Barrel Lift! 

Our Wine Barrel Lift  features a hidden wine shelf/bar secure inside of a fully reconditioned and re-purposed select Okanagan Valley wine barrel. With a touch of a button, a hidden bar will raise from inside the wine barrel showcasing your premium bottles.  
Imagine the WOW-FACTOR!  
Each of our wine barrels selected are meticulously handcrafted in Kelowna, British Columbia.  

Wine Barrel Lift features:

  • Fully reconditioned Okanagan Wine Barrel
  • Bluetooth technology for multiple control options 
  • Compatible with voice control or home automation systems
  • the smoothest, quietest lift system available on the market today
  • Steel rimmed oak shelf
  • Stainless steel wine glass holders (holds up to 6 wine glasses) 
  • 100lbs lift capacity
  • Mobile version available (high-performance lithium-ion battery and 4 heavy duty castors)

Our Process

Wine Barrels Drying.jpg
Wine barrels are selected from Okanagan Valley wineries and then undertake an extensive make-over and reconditioning process.  Each barrel is thoroughly cleaned inside and out to ensure all residue, mold and
mildew is removed.  Failure to do this step will result in future rot and also fruit flies! 
We take each barrel apart for cleaning and then reinforce every stave to ensure a sturdy and long lasting luxury piece of furniture is created.  
Showcase your favorite wines in a handmade Wine Barrel with Hidden Bar!
Hidden wine barrel bar Canada
Okanagan Valley Wine Barrel Bar
Hidden Bar Wine Glasses
Hidden Wine Barrel Bar Canada
Hidden wine barrel bar Canada

Our Barrels 

The Okanagan Valley is BC’s premier grape growing region, boasting 185 licensed wineries.  With an ever-changing panorama, the valley stretches over 250 kilometres, across sub-regions, each with distinct soil and climate conditions suited to growing a range of varietals from sun-ripened reds to fresh, crisp whites. 

With quiet family-run boutique vineyards to world-class operations, the Okanagan Valley wineries are rich in tradition and character, consistently ranking among the world’s best at international competitions.  

Each of our barrels tells a story!  

Wine Barrels Drying.jpg
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