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The cottage sleeps 6 comfortably with a maximum number of adults capped at 5.   No extra visitors or guests allowed without consent of the owners.  Any violations may result in eviction.




You must be over the age of 28 to rent and also to agree to be the responsible renter on the rental contract of the cottage. The responsible party must be present for the entire duration of the reservation.  Any misrepresentation will be subject to eviction.




You are entitled to one parking spot in the main outside parking lot.  Any additional vehicles and or boat trailers can park in the overflow parking lot across Westside road.




The Cottages at Secret Point have quiet hours in effect from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am.  The cottages are suitable for families and mature adults.  There is a no tolerance policy for disturbing the peace or excessive partying and or disruptive noise of any kind.  Disobeying these rules may end in eviction.





THERE IS NO SMOKING ALLOWED IN THE COTTAGE AT ANY TIME.  There is an immediate $250 fine imposed and taken from the damage deposit for any evidence of this violation.  Due to the extreme heat we often experience in the summer there is often severe risk of forest fires in our natural setting.  There are strict policies regarding smoking and the disposal of cigarettes.  You must dispose of any cigarette butts or smoking debris in a sealed heat -proof container in a safe area away from any fire hazard.  Even a tiny spark or heat from a burning ember can start a forest fire in our often-dry natural setting.  Any smoking debris found on or around the natural setting of the cottage will result in loss of damage deposit. 




We do not allow use of flame burning candles in the cottage.  However we do have a good supply of the flameless battery operated candles that provide an excellent atmosphere.  Please remember to turn them off when not required.





Using the facilities provided to you with your rental of the cottage is at your own risk. The renter assumes all responsibility for their own safety and the safety of all minors in their care while partaking in any water activities at the cottage or in using any of the common property. Please exercise caution by not running on the dock or on the out side stairs as this could result in injury.

The Strata and the owner of the property assume no liability for any injury or loss of any kind during your rental period.

You are required to use the life jackets provided while using the dinghy or kayaks from the cottage. Maximum number of people allowed in the dinghy is 4.




If you require mooring of your boat, please contact owner directly to assess availability and details.


You may pull up to the dock to load and unload supplies but you must not leave your boat moored to the dock or unattended here at any time.  The Strata imposes these rules to keep the dock free of damage and to protect your boat from being knocked or damaged by sudden wind or waves. (please read updated Wharf Facilities disclaimer for further information pertaining to the Wharf)




There are 2 BBQ’s for you to use while at the cottage, one at the entrance and the other on the waterside deck. Please ensure you turn off the BBQ’s and the propane tank when you are finished using it. Please cover it after it has cooled.  Please make sure the BBQ is cleaned and covered before your departure date.




The cottages have a common septic waste disposal system.  It can be quite sensitive and something you do could affect the other cottages and damage the pumps.  Please only flush toilet paper down the toilet.  DO NOT FLUSH: hygiene products, paper towel, diapers, kitchen grease, cigarette butts, dental floss, cream or lotions.





As there are many stairs, access to this property can be challenging for the elderly and for very small children.  It is not wheelchair accessible. 




Only ONE small or medium size dog is permitted at the cottage.  The renter must request permission to bring the dog and disclose the breed of the animal. Permission for the dog MUST be obtained before the deposit on the reservation is received.  If request is made after the deposit has been received the deposit amount remains NON-REFUNDABLE.


The strata strictly imposes these rules:


1. You are NOT allowed to bring or have on the premises any dog, which has been deemed a dangerous breed. The cottage does not allow the following breed or cross breed:  Doberman Pincher, Rottweiler, Bull Mastiff, Pit bull or any other dog that has been classified as being vicious by any bylaws passes within the municipalities of British Columbia.


2. Pet owners must control and supervise their pet at all times and have them on leash while outside of the cottages on common property. Pet owners must immediately clean up all pet waste left by their dog and dispose of it in an OUTSIDE container only.


3. Pet owners must control barking and noise of their dog.


4. Dog must be fully grown, no puppies please.


5. The renter takes full responsibility for any and all damages caused by their dog and any damages will be deducted from the damage deposit.


6.  Dogs cannot be left unattended in the cottage or in the common areas during the rental.





Check- in time is 3:00pm. 

Check-out time is 10:30am.


Special requests can be made by inquiry.

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