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The modern office/work environment is evolving into a dynamic living space where everyone needs to feel comfortable in order to be effective.

The benefits of lift desks for people who sit all day at a computer or stationary desk are well supported in the literature.  Some benefits include:

  • Standing Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

  • Using a Standing Desk May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

  • Standing May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

  • Standing Desks Appear to Reduce Back Pain

  • Standing Desks Help Improve Mood and Energy Levels

  • Standing Desks help Improve Productivity


Our DX-Series Lift Desks are wheelchair accessibility supporting a workplace with an inclusive and comfortable environment.

Whether for your office or home,  Movable Spaces can outfit your workspace into a beautiful and long-lasting experience with our lift desks, backed by an industry leading 10-Year Warranty.

Reclaimed wood lift desk
Reclaimed wood lift desk
Custom reclaimed wood lift desk
Custom reclaimed wood lift desk
Bluetooth Controller Lift Desk
Bluetooth standard controller
Lift desk kit. This is the full kit for our lift desk DIY product.

Create your own customized lift desk

Re-imagine your idea of a lift desk with our X2-LK Lift Desk Kit.  With the X2-LK, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind custom desk or piece of furniture.  The X2-LK incorporates the worlds smoothest, most reliable and quietest lift system with a sturdy yet elegant design to deliver a product that will last for years to come.


Solid aluminum construction and engineering gives you a modern, sleek look that provides strength and stability without the need for a crossbar.  


Customize and build your dream desk with a state-of-the-art lift system, backed by an industry leading warranty.


Lift Desk Kit

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