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  • Are your Lift Systems made in china?
    No, all of our Lift Systems are Designed, manufactured and shipped from British Columbia, Canada. If you ever need support regarding any of our lifts, call Movable Spaces and you will be talking to the people who have designed and manufacture the lift system. We can provide the full product support that you need. There will never be question left unanswered when it comes to our lifts. Over the last 5 years we have invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours in our Lift technology. There has been countless hours of electrical engineering and product testing to enable us to offer you true peace of mind that our product is going to last a very long time. To back up our commitment to product quality, we offer a no-nonsense 10 year warranty.
  • Can I install the Lift System myself?
    Of course, our lift systems are simple to install, and we work with you to make sure that you have the requirements and space that the Lift needs as all projects vary. We have been complimented by contractors, designers, home developers, and trade professionals as to how easy our lift systems are to install and operate. We have intentionally engineered our lift systems to be both uncomplicated in installation and flawless in function. We designed them this way so that the trades people that we originally sold exclusively to, like A/V installers, contractors and home builders keep coming back to our product. It is simple to install and even easier to operate. Our lifts do not rely on the sides of your cabinet at all, they only rely on the floor that it will be mounted to. You do not need to reinforce support for our lift system.
  • What do your Lifts come with?
    Our TV lift systems comes with the following; Motorized telescopic lift column, remote control (IR, RF, LV[flying leads, 3 wires]), wired backup switch, hand held programmer, adjustable TV mounting bracket, power supply, no-nonsense 10 year warranty and all mounting hardware. OPTIONS for Controls: RS232 control- for control from computer - $450.00 Current switch- lift goes up when the TV turns on, lift goes down when the TV turns off. - $450.00
  • Is there a warranty on the Lift System I bought?
    Yes, we provide the best warranty in the industry, 10 Year full replacement with Life Time phone support. See our Key Features Page for full details.
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